Goudhurst project photographs

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Penshurst, Kent

setting A beautiful arts and crafts style house and garden with panoramic views to the south.
requirement To incorporate additional land into the garden forming an approach to the house, and to create an instant screen to the public footpath running along the south and west boundaries.
considerations The experience of approach and arrival at the house, the views out upon departure, need to create a link and a progression of character and scale between the existing and proposed garden. The site is very exposed to both deer and wind.
solution Large scale, mature tree planting using evergreens along the footpath boundary to create an instant screen and a backdrop to circular copses of oak and maple. Copses positioned to create an approach and setting to the house, with smaller scale multi-stem trees creating a sequence of passing through woodland into open clearings along the drive. Upon departure a long axial view is created through the length of the plot framed at strategic points with clipped planting, cut grass paths and meadow and a shepherds hut and orchard beyond.