Marsh Green, Surrey

setting A listed farmhouse set at a high elevation within a former farmyard hamlet.
requirement Create an entrace and approach, setting all elevations of the farmhouse and barn within a new garden structure, forming a connected series of garden rooms.
considerations Privacy and security from adjacent public right of way allowing for the barn and stables to become separate dwellings
solution The masterplan introduces a spatial structure and setting to the house, allowing the property to function as one, or to be divided with the barn and stables forming a separate development.
A new mature circular yew hedge creates an instant screen to views into the garden forming a secure and enclosed space to the south and west, in contrast to the wide and open panoramic views to the north east over an extended lake, with timber terraces, boardwalk and jetty.
The main access and entrance drive is defined with focal planting and distinctive gates leading across a new formal parterre, with a lower level entrance forecourt for guest arrival and parking. An overflow parking area is formed.

Marsh Green garden designs