freemont landscape architecture urban spaces

freemont landscape architects thinks on a global scale in order to establish strong principles. Our focus is on identifying key elements for simple, quality design and may include:

public parks: creating distinctive routes and manageable spaces for urban, city and rural parks.

urban places: for intensive use by people and public utilities, accommodating continuous cleaning regimes while creating individual, timeless design quality.

play spaces: using site opportunities such as setting and changes in level, while calming the colour and blurring the necessary physical boundaries.

housing: progressing from private spaces and thresholds, courtyards and gardens to the wider public space and context beyond.

sustainable masterplanning: visual impact assessment siting new developments within existing landscapes with a philosophy to recycle water, soil and materials and contextual planting to improve biodiversity

public artwork: establishing a dialogue and working with artists to integrate ideas into the structure of the landscape.