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Q Can you just come to our property and give us some ideas?

Yes, we can come and visit, discuss the issues, evaluate the qualities of what you have and produce a back of the envelope type of sketch - see costs for scope of services.

Q I want to build a swimming pool and tennis court. Do I need planning permission?

This depends on the extent of your domestic curtilage and also what type of property you have. A listed house or a conversion is likely to require planning approval. Other property types may only require approval for the tennis fencing.

Q If we just want you to proceed and apply for planning approval can we arrange the construction ourselves?

Yes, this is fine. Some clients want to obtain planning to increase the value of their property but do not actually want to build. Alternatively, you may have a good builder who has worked for you previously that you are confident can take you through construction.

Q What are the benefits of using you rather than going to a garden contractor?

A contractor’s main skill lies in constructing the garden. Our main skill is designing and exploring the best ways to lay out your space, integrating specific requirements into an overall plan that works well. If a plan is well thought through the best price can be obtained for construction avoiding costly add-ons.

Q I want to plant one beautiful tree but don’t know what. Can you help me with something so small?

Yes, you can use us as for as much or as little as you want. In this case, we discuss with you where the tree should go, consider the site constraints and source the tree and, if appropriate, the person to plant it.

Q I love my garden as it is and it works really well for me. However the paving and outdoor furniture is starting to look tired and dated. Can you help me find replacements?

We can assess the existing style and character of your property and advise and source a range of specific replacement surfaces and furniture that work well together. We can then point you in the direction of the suppliers, or take it further and arrange for the work to be designed and installed.